Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

games with the family

when we all get together this is about all that we do. . .

Sunday, December 27, 2009


I started reading Let's Go to Europe 2010 today at work & that's all I can think about! I just don't know how it will be possible this next summer. That was #1 on my Christmas wishlist this year. . . but. . . it looks like I'll still have some work to do : )

"lady gaga is as modern as a video gamer's creation"

reading the times & that headline really made me laugh. so true.

my new necklace from k makes everything seem brighter. merci beacoup dear, i love it lots!

still got thank you notes to write & reading to do, but tonight, I am working on photos. . . or at least trying to {fb is so slow right now}

home again

cannot believe christmas is over. done. finished.

it was all too quick, but wonderful. on christmas eve, following tradition, we went to mm & dd's church, ate tony's barbecue, & fell asleep. christmas morning {slept in until 9:00!}, opened stockings, ate mm's famous egg casserole, then opened gifts, and sat around the fire. . . entertained cousins, pieced together impossible puzzles, played hours of ping-pong, and ate more food than we knew was possible.

i am so blessed by the family i have. they are all so inspiring, beautiful, and happy.

{more photos to come!}

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

let's talk about college

update on the college report:
- got in to the college of charleston last saturday
- finished applying to nyu & gwu
- did not apply to bu {i came to the realization about halfway through the application that i would be much happier in ny & dc than in boston. . . even though i still love boston!}
- still think i'll apply to corcoran college of art & design

that's all for now.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Breakfast, lunch, & sugar

{Certainly not our best and brightest!}

In order to escape work as long as we could today, Maria & I skipped over to the Ritz and scoped out this massive gingerbread house {talkn' about some 8' x 10' edible artwork!}
Work was long and occasionally dull, but Maria sure made everything fun. The bus ride with her was easily the best part of the day.
Working on finishing up some last hw/ ap work before Christmas now. . . cannot believe I am still working on this stuff!
P.S. What should I do with my lion-mane-like hair tomorrow? Chop it, bleach it, or fluff it?

Patrick is home again

{photos in no particular order}

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Elisabeth & Pocho are married. . . and it was beautiful

Congratulations once again- I love you both so very much. It was a day full of celebration, love, and surprises. The snow made this day even more special.
I shot most of it in b & w just because it seemed appropriate for the look of the day.
{More to come soon!}

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Elisabeth & Pocho . . .

are getting married tomorrow!
cannot wait for their beautiful day.
all my love goes out to them.

So close I can almost taste it. . .

I just have to finish up a few more things and I will be ready to start my Christmas break! Next week's plans- work Sun, Mon, Tues, & Wed. maybe Thurs and Sat. . . & find time to go ice skating, make food, meet up with friends, do yoga, & wrap presents {still need to buy some!}
{thanks for the inspiration Mr. Sartorialist}

Monday, December 14, 2009

Praying that this is the last week of madness for a while

I've almost made it through! Last week of misery. . . then it is Christmas, break, friends, cooking, movie-watching, painting, practicing yoga, taking pictures, shopping. . .
Today I've felt accomplished. I set myself little goals all throughout the day and to my great surprise I've achieved almost all of them {minus application essays} Days like these make me think all this is possible after all.
I got up {did my usual morning routine}. . . read and finished my APW reading, wrote an essay, took care of Dublin {& moped the Fleming's floor}, read some APAH, had French class, ate a strange lunch, read a document for history, co-lead yoga class with Molly {eekkk! She was so nice to let me have the chance to do this!}, ate dinner, brainstormed for college essay ideas {why do I procrastinate with these?!}, and then I just finished APAH reading and took a quiz and wrote another essay. . . oh & I managed to squeeze in a brief conversation with Sarah!
Tonight's dinner conversation was what the title of my life's movie should be. . . Dad voted for "Night-terror," Mom-"Iron Will," Sam- "The Only Movie That Has Nothing to do With Kevin Bacon". . . and I've been thinking "She-Wolf". . . Who knows what I'll pick. I am still tempted to fling open a book and choose part of a sentence.
Things to look forward to this week:
-Tomorrow {gym at 6:00 am : ) }
-Writing papers
-Going to the church with Elisabeth & S tomorrow
-Elisabeth & Pocho's wedding on Friday {and the opportunity to photograph it with my beautiful sister}
-Sisters and friends coming home
-Planning a wedding!
-Figuring out when I can take two APAH exams, so I don't have two the week of Christmas
-Cleaning my mess of a room
-Making sense of all this madness
-Yoga {candlelight meditation today was incredible btw}
- Wearing lots of layers
I probably will not be posting anything the rest of this week, b/c it's going to be madness. . .
{my photo from the car window a few weeks ago}

Friday, December 11, 2009

Let's hear it for New York

Yoga in the park {nothing better}

Yellow = love

Sailing in the park.

Can you think of anything better in the whole wide world?


It's about time that I start sharing some of these photos from NY. . . I love this city ever so much and Central Park is one of the main reasons.

Got to take pictures & hang with Santa today

Last day at Ada until the NEW YEAR! So crazy. I had a lot of fun today with Santa, Anna, and the Ada kids. The cards we made were precious & this Santa was legit {I became a believer again} Going to miss my four hours at Ada each Friday, but I am so ready to take a break from everything!

Thursday, December 10, 2009