Sunday, February 28, 2010


three skirted sunday looks.

just a few thoughts

-my fave quote of the day from nymag- "for many american high-school seniors, especially the soberest and most studious, senior year is a holding pattern, a redundancy, a way of running out the clock on a game that has already been won."

-nc can be pretty cool sometimes. . . like this-"anywhere there's dirt, a community can grow." also from nymag

-i like this pretty printed scarf

- i think that gold is such a powerful color/idea

- anthro will always be my favorite. get this, i bought, not one, but two freaking dresses from anthro this afternoon! certainly a first. thank you gift cards & discount cards & a graduation/wedding excuse! love, love, love! & this is truly epic. also, if ever a shoe was made for grace, it would be these. i tried on a similar pair today & let's just say they didn't want to leave my feet. both mom & i had successful afternoons at the mall today. neither of us had been shopping in ages, so we made up for lost time.

-i love subtle hints of "nature" in big cities. . . the contrast is beautiful

-earl grey tea helps me make it through each day

-where can i find brown & silver shoes?

-i want to learn how to more comfortably work film cameras in the next month. . .where did this month run off to btw?

-ally, kate, & i spent most of the day together {took care of the farm, walked to work, worked for two hours, & walked back}

-this is the look of joy & so is this

-the creeper came into the store today {k & s you know who i mean} & thankfully did not linger around. right before he walked out he said- "play it safe out there." don't really get what he was trying to get at with that one.

-spring break could not come at a more perfect time. . .
-i should make it a goal to always wear bright colors on rainy days. . . but as for today, thank heavens it was beautiful, bright, and smiley.
-p.s. how am i ever going to have $ for europe???

Saturday, February 27, 2010

for the people who make music

thank you, thank you, & thank you. without you, the world would be less complete.
also, thank you people who make these videos- you're just as talented!
hope you've had a happy saturday!
{photo from a ny subway station}
p.s. God did good with andrew bird & st. vincent. not only can they sing & play like magic, they look like it too!

at ada j.

yesterday was a club day. these kids kill me, they really do.

Friday, February 26, 2010

before i die, i must

see these places in person.
{& more}

a staggering work of genuis

margaret atwood is a quizzical little white-haired lady. the lecture last night at davidson was interesting, but short and strange. she was full of valuable insight/inspiration, although she was difficult to follow. maybe she was just too far above the audience to make a connection with us, or something like that. my favorite part of the night was the old man i sat beside. he talked to me through the whole lecture, something i might have usually minded, but he was full of interesting information! maybe that's why i was lost in her talk. . . he told me all about davidson's history {many of his good friends were at one point or another a dean or even a president}, his inability to finish one of atwood's books, technology, & how he has been a student at davidson ever since graduating {a long time ago}. he said that he makes sure he takes a class every semester. this semester its- dostoevsky and the russian novel. he said his favorite class has been chinese politics and globalization. when i am old, i hope i'm the intellectual-type like atwood or this man. . . i want to have a wealth of information and have a genuine desire to share it with others. i hope to always be a student {yes, i say this even though i am a little burnt out from hw these days}. the talk did inspire me to give atwood's work a chance, but now i don't know what to read- handmaid's tale, the blind assassin, alias grace, or another? suggestions?

isn't it fascinating that people have such a wide variety of interests? after the talk, patrick & i were studying at the union & discussed this. he was working on organic chem. & i was reading about monks . . . it puzzles both of us why/how anyone could ever truly enjoy organic chem. . . but we both know people who have a genuine love for it. weird.

after a lovely worship service, patrick, erik, tennant, matthew & i went to sloan to eat pie {i just had to watch of course}. p, e, & t are all traveling to tx today to work on a ranch for spring break. how awesome is that?

once the pies had disappeared, matthew drove me home. matthew, i really appreciate your friendship & your honesty.

going to ada today. i feel like i have not been able to commit myself to this nearly as often/regular as i would like to. i need to figure out a definite schedule for this semester still. just hw, ada, farm work, & meeting with emily, emily, & amy today. . .

have a jazzy weekend.

p.s. much like atwood, i dream of one day creating some work of staggering genuis. also, i never tire of mgmt music. that's it for now.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


"my son, eat honey, for it is good, and the drippings of the honeycomb are sweet to your taste. know that wisdom is such to your soul; if you find it, there will be a future, and your hope will not be cut off." -proverbs 24:13-14

* this made me laugh & think

*sarah, i'm loving it too {never thought i'd say that about joanna newsom. . . but. . . i've caved}

*abby is great. everyday i wake up wishing i could write as well as she does. . . p.s. the wedding is less than a hundred days away!

{photo from here. . . all these ridiculously creative weddings make me happy. i freaking love artsy people}

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

you want to know something gross, but kinda awesome?

i haven't taken a shower in almost four days {tomorrow will be four}. . . & i have been to a sweaty yoga or other exercise class everyday this week too. . .
i promise i'll take a shower tomorrow {maria!}
{photo back from september, when i had massive bangs. . . might go back, but after my funny graduation photo, i've opted to let them grow back out again. . . we'll see what happens in time of the wedding!}

and then there are these. . .

nothing i could do to save them. . .
{fyi better image quality close up}


after posting an obnoxious number of photos on fb, i still have some that i want to share. . . all these are ones that i still like despite the fact they are almost impossible to see. . .


tomorrow, i need to:

-meditate & work on phil. 2 memorization {mrs. beth, i'm getting stuck at verse 3}

-go to the gym with mom @ 5:45 a.m.

-go to co-op

-work up the portfolio {for more portfolio work & work that didn't make it look here. . .}

-work on apah hw

-take care of emma & the goats

-meet margaret atwood

-bring 3 pies to friends & go to worship

- & fit some yoga in there somewhere!

loving it all-


today was a first-

photos from the past weekend's workshop at the balance wellness center. here: my real mommy, me, & my yoga mommy.

stephanie showing us how amazing she really is. . .

kels, we're trying this one when you get home! its a headstand transition to a back bend- nothing else like it.

pincha mayurasana.

i came back home from a yoga class more sad than when i left.
tonight's 6:30-7:30 class marked the end of something that i have loved very much. amanda left the ymca to start her own studio {here} and tonight was her last class. she is an incredible, intelligent, and enlightened teacher and shall be missed dearly. although she will be close by, i doubt that i will be able to attend as many classes as i would like to over the next few crazy months.
during svasana, amanda, also a poet, left us with this-
"in all eternity, there is no greater
treasure to behold than love.
no greater emotion to experience.
love with all its beauty and fullness
reaches the deepest part of our soul
to capture and captivate us with its radiance. . ."
{sorry that the photos don't make sense with what i wrote. . . i just tried to capture recent yoga news in my life. . .pictures of the weekend and the sad class tonight.}

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fra Andrea Pozzo-

How did you do it?

Baroque artists were out of their minds.

That's all for now.

Monday, February 22, 2010

lazy monday

sad. it's foggy & cold out again.
"that sun surveys a lovely scene
from softly smiling skies;
and wildly through unnumbered trees
the wind of winter sighs."
-anne bronte
stay inside, drink tea, keep warm.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

black and white

hard to believe another week starts right here, right now. . .

plans/ambitions for the week:

*live without meat & sugar

*read silas marner {& a whole long list of other books. . . really need to just lock myself in a room for a week & read}

*meet margaret atwood

*finish art portfolio {yes, i know, my personal deadline has already come and gone. . . }

*take care of the mott's farm

*call people {oh. . .wait. . . i don't have a working phone!!!}

*go running {the 4 miler the other night was ridiculously inspiring & get this- i didn't get hurt!}

*another weekend yoga workshop {ha. . . seems like that's all i do over the weekends now}


*braid the hair {want it to be long again}

i've got a lot more planned, but for now, that's all i care to share. . .

need to go take a shower, clean up my frighteningly messy closet, & go have dinner with maria, matt, family, & friends!

{p.s. high contrast photos are my fave}

climbing pics

i'm so not good at this, but i really enjoy it. all pics from andrew, ethan, timothy, & my thursday night. . . rock climbing over spring break anyone?