Monday, November 1, 2010

a week of dresses

day one - stripy sweater dress, black shell, black tights, suede, fringe boots, and a homemade headband {at mainstreet books}

day two - red and white stripe dress, cashmere sweater, brown belt, brown tights, and green booties {primark in london on the last day!} . . . {in the back of the beehive}

day three - black jacket, black wrap dress, stripe t, long silver necklace {purchased at the airport in rome with the remaining euros i had shoved in my pocket}, grey tights, and black boots {at home}

day four - blue t, grey sweater, printed dress from japan, grey tights, and black flats {in my bathroom}

day five - navy t, purple dress, brown belt {favorite belt of all time btw}, loads of random necklaces, blue tights, brown oxfords {at home again}

day six - striped t, jean jumper { forever and always}, black leggings, converse {at mainstreet}

day seven - purple dress, brown sweater, brown belt, brown tights, brown wedges {at the 'hive}

day eight - coral dress {i found this in my grandmother's closet and remembered playing dress-up in it as a kid. as it turns out, this was mom's bridesmaids dress for one of her high school friends back in the early eighties!}, brown belt, brown sandals

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

as you can see, my week involved eight days this time around. women, try this and be surprised by what you come up with! sure, it gets harder when the cold comes, but wear tights and smile {even with incredibly hairy legs, i was up to the challenge}

last week's "challenge" coming soon!