Tuesday, February 1, 2011

from garlic to grapes

where do i begin?

my life is one hilarious mess. i love traveling without a set plan b/c my plans always change.

after i left the farm in the sounds, i found my way to blenheim and in to the koanui lodge/ backpackers.

i had planned to stay only one night, but as i was playing german card games with all the germans, karen at the desk walked past and asked if everyone had a job. i kinda jokingly said, "no, but i'll probably just leave in the morning." her response, "okay, we'll you can start tomorrow on the field."

alrighty then.

so. . . the next morning, i was up and ready to go at 5:50 without any clue of what i had just gotten myself into. work as it turns out is harvesting garlic in a big dirty field {see pictures}. the work is by far some of the most physically demanding work {reminiscent of those fabulous mississippi days friends!} i have ever done in my life.

after seven hours, 42 full buckets of garlic, and a sexy sunburn, i didn't know what to make of my first real job experience abroad.

it is the real deal now though, kiwi bank card/account/ employer and all! i love that this whole experience fell in my lap and although it is challenging, it is a job and it pays for my rent these next couple of days.

today was really lovely though b/c we got to work in a vineyard. garlic harvesting is not what i plan to do with the rest of my life, but i think i could get used to vineyard work. the darling grapes were just starting to change color and our job was to simply prune and pluck. i genuinely loved it!

i'm currently overwhelmed by all of the emails/skypers/and fb messages, so i need to stop this post shortly, but before i sign off, know that i'm happy, healthy, and content in this lovely little farming community and town!

i've been online for about an hour now and i've already cried once {i have such a lovely support system back home and i've loved and appreciated every sweet email}, almost wet my pants with excitement {amazing offer in nepal opened up, but bad timing. . . so. . .}, and i have not stopped thinking about how crazy it is to be this far away from home. . .

all the love!

{many more pictures to come. a.) rainbow on the way to work yesterday. in short, it was the perfect way to start the morning. b.) sarah, ali, and i on the fields. these two brits help me through each day. i'm so thankful for their positivity and for the sing along sessions! and c.) the lovely vineyard from today!}


  1. Grace! Thanks for the update. Windy and i are mentioning you everyday in our prayers. The pictures are beautiful and the work sounds---workish. Have fun gurl. Peace from So. Pines!


  2. so glad to see your post. your mom has been keeping us up to date on your new "journey." happy early birthday. love you and miss you!

  3. Grace, we love the photos and the updates! What an amazing adventure you're on. Can't wait to hear more. We're thinking of you and praying for you.
    Love & hugs,
    The Campanellas