Thursday, April 14, 2011

happy new year {again!}

happy 2068 world!

today is new years day here in nepal. the nepali calendar is funky. 2068? really?

i've made it safe and sound back to kathmandu. i'm currently skyping with my lovely sarah and we're talking about the summer.

it is hard for me to think about what life will be like come summer. all i can think about is the here and now and i'm happy with living in the present. . . something i haven't always been good at in the past.

today on the forever long {but entirely gorgeous} bus ride from chitwan, i had my head out the window, listening to my ipod, and watching the lovely scenery pass, i was reminded of the little note my daddy gave me before leaving. . . all he wrote was:

- - - - - - - - -
wow! it is time to go finally. while you are away wake-up every morning:

- with a smile
- with energy
- with a zeal for life
- with god
- with thoughts of us back in nc
- with thankfulness that god created such a cool place called earth
- and finally carry this portait with you {* a lovely little sketch of dad's favorite girl, dublin}

love you sweetie,
- - - - - - - - -

in chitwan i did i wake up every morning with those things in mind. i am entirely thankful for my time in chitwan. each day brought a new adventure.

as incredible as ktm is, you can't stay here forever and chitwan gave me a whole new appreciation for nepal.

i am excited to see what's next. tomorrow will change a lot and i will officially have someone to travel with for a little while.

carlos, trevor, mel, and i did a massive music and photo exchange before i left today and this lovely little song will make me happy every time i hear it. . . and make me miss mel and chitwan and all the people. . .

oh. . . and one more thing, i did get to ride my elephant yesterday.

{i already miss this little dude in the photos. louis is bhim's youngest son and he was a constant source of laughs. just look at him with his bowl of pomegranate seeds or with my water bottle. he had a little obsession with my bottle. everytime he saw me he'd come running screaming "didi pani!!!" [sister water!]. these were all taken just moments after he woke up.}

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