Monday, July 12, 2010


a favorite since i was just a little girl. . . the drama/the action/the elegance, everything about this is inspiring.
see, we're still good friends! we're having a hard time getting pictures of the two of us here. often they turn out like this.

et pourqoui pas? yoga at the louvre is a must.

i'm so in love with paris. i'm sitting at a tiny cafe with k right now. a darling petit chat is also sitting at the table with us. every once in a while she'll rear up & swat the flies away. it is hard to believe this is all my life right now. {we watched the world cup final here last night & had the time of our lives. we cheered loudly for the Netherlands just because we liked their bright organge jerseies}.

the night is quickly approaching, but everyone in this city is still out and about. the weather is perfect, the people are happy, and i am in love with everything.

i think that's all for now.

p.s. the lovre is ridiculous. i honeslty don't know what to make of it. my head felt like it was going to explode. my dear friend virgina quillen likes to remind me that "the human brain can only fully appreciate 15 great works of art in one day," therefore, the louvre was too much. that said, it was an experience and i walked away with a sense of accomplishment. k, on the otherhand, was angry when the people kicked us out parce que she did not get to see everything. she never likes to leave things unfinished. i tried to remind her that it would be impossible to see everything, but she was still determined. it turns out we did not see everything we had wanted to. . .

one final note - all of these pics are k's again . . . & she doesn't know that i got a hold of them! il est notre secret. . .


  1. fantastique! haha.. Soo jealous state-side.

  2. so glad you are posting from your trip. can't wait to see all the pics! love you two!