Thursday, January 20, 2011

life on a farm

even though it was a good three days after i had originally planned, i've arrived safe and sound at the farm here on the outskirts of picton!

new zealand thus far has been one crazy, beautiful adventure.

my week has turned out somewhat different than i had imagined it would, but i can honestly say i loved every minute of my three day stop-over in picton.

after my water taxi ride today i spent the day picking beans and peas from the garden then i helped in the kitchen, peeling, cutting, freezing food and cleaning.

day one of this wwoofing experience = a very good one indeed!

i'm just so thankful that i finally have internet right now too. after nearly four days without it, i was ready to see what damage was done. as expected i had a series of new fb friend requests/ emails from crazy parents and various family members/water taxi information/etc. just waiting for me.

about the only thing really bugging me is this nasty little sinus issue. i have been wayy too generous with my water bottle these past few days {really funny actually b/c no one here/ or at least none of the other travelers from outside of the states understands how a camelbak works!} and there is always all this pet dander flying about in addition to the seasonal changes. . . so. . .
i'm not in a very good state right now {health wise}.

even so , i'm delighted to be here!

{picture from the farm}

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