Wednesday, December 9, 2009


"despair is the conclusion of fools." - benjamin desraeli
this week has been a bit of a bummer! nothing has gone as expected and last night was a night i hope to never repeat again. i know that things will get better soon, but i just need to make it through a few more weeks of utter madness.
{photo from asheville}

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  1. Oh, sorry Grace. Go outside and breathe the scrubbed clean air. It's a new day and reminds me of a morning prayer from the other day from A Diary of Private Prayer...

    "For this new day I give Thee humble thanks: for its gladness and brightness; for its long hours waiting to be filled with joyous and fruitful labour for its open doors of possibility; for its hope of new beginnings. Quicken in my heart, I beseech Thee, the desire to avail myself richly of this day's opportunity..."

    Praying for you this morning,