Monday, December 14, 2009

Praying that this is the last week of madness for a while

I've almost made it through! Last week of misery. . . then it is Christmas, break, friends, cooking, movie-watching, painting, practicing yoga, taking pictures, shopping. . .
Today I've felt accomplished. I set myself little goals all throughout the day and to my great surprise I've achieved almost all of them {minus application essays} Days like these make me think all this is possible after all.
I got up {did my usual morning routine}. . . read and finished my APW reading, wrote an essay, took care of Dublin {& moped the Fleming's floor}, read some APAH, had French class, ate a strange lunch, read a document for history, co-lead yoga class with Molly {eekkk! She was so nice to let me have the chance to do this!}, ate dinner, brainstormed for college essay ideas {why do I procrastinate with these?!}, and then I just finished APAH reading and took a quiz and wrote another essay. . . oh & I managed to squeeze in a brief conversation with Sarah!
Tonight's dinner conversation was what the title of my life's movie should be. . . Dad voted for "Night-terror," Mom-"Iron Will," Sam- "The Only Movie That Has Nothing to do With Kevin Bacon". . . and I've been thinking "She-Wolf". . . Who knows what I'll pick. I am still tempted to fling open a book and choose part of a sentence.
Things to look forward to this week:
-Tomorrow {gym at 6:00 am : ) }
-Writing papers
-Going to the church with Elisabeth & S tomorrow
-Elisabeth & Pocho's wedding on Friday {and the opportunity to photograph it with my beautiful sister}
-Sisters and friends coming home
-Planning a wedding!
-Figuring out when I can take two APAH exams, so I don't have two the week of Christmas
-Cleaning my mess of a room
-Making sense of all this madness
-Yoga {candlelight meditation today was incredible btw}
- Wearing lots of layers
I probably will not be posting anything the rest of this week, b/c it's going to be madness. . .
{my photo from the car window a few weeks ago}

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