Wednesday, July 7, 2010

london loving

we're alive!

already i feel surprisingly confidant with my ability to navigate this city. although it is different and far away, i honestly don't feel that far away. sure there are funny little cars, massive double-decker buses, and adorable accents, but honestly it resembles nyc and d.c. {some of my favorite places on this wide planet}.

i'm in love with a lot right now and my heart is so happy. k & i have already invested our time doing what we both love & it feels so right. yesterday, while she was busy interviewing professors about the EU/NATO military alliances {having the time of her life i might add}, i was busy walking ALL of hyde park! i took time out at the princess di memorial & painted a little sketch. i also wandered down a street that led me to the v & a museum. there by chance, was the grace kelly: icon of style exhibit! i did pay about $8 for it, but i justified it as my one real expense for the day. the budget hotel {in the perfect location} & the food {whole, unpeeled carrots & lance crackers from home! ha. i love traveling on a budget!} were both paid for already, so i felt fine about the money.

today, i spent a lot of time at this darling little library in the heart of the city. i'm still there now, typing this little post.

i've seen so much & i am so thankful for this experience already. k & i have loved our times of independence, but we're both having a wonderful time together too. all i have ever wanted to do is wander, travel without a real plan, & take pictures & paint, & you know what ? . . . that is exactly what i have been doing.

much love-


{photo by k. . . after wandering the streets near victoria station we were exhausted. our packs were heavy and we were jet lagged, but we eventually found a place to stay and everything was just perfect. p.s on the first day we met a local who lived in mooresville, nc for two years (what are the chances!) and then this ny couple who, once we mentioned we lived in nc, said that they had a cousin who lived "in this small town called davidson." it's a small world. }

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  1. v&a museum has the CUTEST paisley umbrella EVER. i want.