Wednesday, March 30, 2011

happy birthday bob

happy happy 23rd birthday abby!

i'm really sad you are sitting in the snow in charlottesville and not here enjoying spring with me on a rooftop in thamel right now.

i cannot believe you're only 23, married, have a stable job, and incredible ambition. i tell people about you all the time. i guess it's just my way of expressing how much i miss you - i talk about you to anyone and everyone. i somehow always manage to work you into a conversation!

without a doubt, you have influenced me more than most anyone i know. i could not ask for a better role model, sister, or friend. i remember when i was little, i thought there is no way i was ever going to live up to her. i still think that. i won't ever live up to you, but at least i have a great example/ a great person to look up to!

more than just musically {although, yes, j. newsom has pulled me through some rough times in nepal} you've inspired me. you were always my rival in art class and i always wanted to think as creatively as you. your head was always full of interesting stories, ideas, and goals. i was always intimidated by you. i thought you were just too cool. i still do.

whenever i pull out a photo of you, everyone here always says {this happened just last night at mr. and mrs. shrestha's house!} "is she a model or movie actress?" you're such a babe. and gigi is one lucky man.

i'm writing all this just to say how much i love and miss you! i wish more than anything i could celebrate in person with you today.

go enjoy every minute of this day and remember you are a remarkable person! also remember you are ridiculously and wonderfully loved.


{photo of bob and i on the new year's partee this year}

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