Thursday, March 17, 2011

where to begin?

why is it always so hard to start blogging once you have been away for a while?

i keep making lists of all that i want to share, but i keep getting overwhelmed.

{this will be brief, maybe a little boring, but . . . at least it is something, n'est-ce pas?}

in short, my new home is a crazy one.

this place is a strange, wonderful blend of everything - india, tibet, china, america, peru, etc. it is so difficult to describe.

i keep wishing i was a talented writer like abby or sarah so that i could more fully try to explain this place with words, but i cannot. it is much to crazy for words. . . . or even pictures for that matter! {any picture of these mountains, and these are MOUNTAINS people, comes out looking like nothing. . . it is all very tragic}

i just got back into kathmandu last night after lovely a three day/ two night trip to nagarkot and bhaktapur {tons of photos to come. . . i always promise them, i know!}. i appreciated the clean air and change of scenery so very much and it is always good to see another side to nepal apart from the sometimes maddening kathmandu/ thamel area!

sick stories, funny stories, and other nonsense to come.

listen to this song, loose yourself in it, visit iceland, be happy.

{all photos from one of my daily walks through thamel/ outside of thamel area}

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  1. Your writing is never boring! Love to read and see through your photos what you're experiencing. Thanks so much for sharing. We miss you and are keeping you in our prayers.
    Mrs. C & Sydney