Sunday, May 22, 2011

hey friends!

so. . .

tomorrow afternoon i leave for this place. {abby linked to this man's blog and i am now obsessed}

i have to apologize for my blogging absence these past few weeks. my laptop has officially died and i am afraid from here on out you won't be seeing many of my photos. i have seen some remarkable things these past few days and i would love to share them with you all {and will. . . when i get home in july!}

i just keep hoping it will be just like this. {i have to admit, wes anderson is one of the reasons darjeeling has been on my list of places to see before i die. him and tea. those are my reasons for going. it makes no sense, me going the distance to darjeeling, but i feel good about this decision and cannot wait to see some tea plantations!}

p.s. abby also posted the pic of me on an elephant that i sent to the fam. on her flickr. . . just one of the things i've been up to these past few weeks!

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