Tuesday, May 3, 2011

pokhara and other things

+ walking around town +

+ the view from the hotel balcony +

+ eating like kings and queens for only a few dollars +

+ beautiful lakeside in the morning +

+ all the bright blue boats +

+ phewa lake +

+ brad reading some ayn rand & drinking his nepali tea +

i liked this place a whole lot.

pokhara is the place to go before any trek in the annapurnas. it is beautiful {surrounded by that glorious mountain range!} and a lake, still touristy, but not to the same degree as kathmandu.

we went there two days before the trek- just to check it out, get our gear {trekking poles, "northface" fleece jumpsuits, gloves, you name it!}, and get all our permits and registrations in order.

other things:

+ this song is lovely {love her style, love the color, and love her fabulously decorated fingers}

+ this was posted a while back but you check out mandy's final post over at psi's healthy lives blog {some of my photos were used}

+ my trekking journal that i love a little too much

+ friends are all finishing up the school year back home . . . crazy for me to think that i could have been finishing up my freshman year. . . but. . . i choose a bit of a different path in the end. i always loved this time of year back home - so much excitement about the summer months, being done, and getting geared up to do it all over again!

+ my google reader is out of control

+ like, sarah, there are just too many things i want to do with my life {i've had too much time to think on le futur these past few months. . . remember this, this, and this? those weren't to be laughed at. . . when i think of the thing i really, really want to do though, this comes to mind. [short, sweet, and with purpose] ultimately i just want to make beautiful short films, take photos, and make art all the days of my life}

+ this brief article on india's gender inequality is so shocking. it is hard to believe that this is still so prevalent in one of the world's rising powers

+ i've been asked so many times "aren't you so excited now that osama bin laden is dead?" by the people here and i don't know how to respond to that question. sure, but i don't know enough about it and i don't feel comfortable talking with a complete stranger all about it. being away from home when something like this happens is very strange.

+ shantaram was my choice. it is every bit as epic as i thought it would be

+ just when you think you're starting to figure out a lot, you realize once again. . . you've got lots to learn about life. . . and, i'm okay with that.

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