Wednesday, November 25, 2009


how i spent my time at unc: reading this book, sitting, walking, running, NOT doing yoga in the galleries, eating food, & doing lots of lonely-person-type wandering. . .

i had never seen unc grey and rainy until monday & tuesday. it was sad to see it like that. i guess that I naively always thought it was bright & sunny there!
the drive up was maddening (driving in the dark & in the rain = no fun), but i made it there in time. i dropped off my car in carrboro then ran all the way back to k's dorm (in a skirt!). on my way back, i had an interesting experience crossing the street- involved a large woman & her wheelchair & the police! - everything was fine in the end, no worries!
i got to go to k's drama class. after, i walked through the downpour to ackland & was told that the yoga class was canceled. fun times! at this point i kinda wanted to cry.
the day did get better & i ate lunch with some friends & read 200 pages from weldon's book & took a nap on the couch in davis library.
by far the best part of the day was doing yoga with k, shannon, kari, & diane late on monday night (after making pancakes for the dorm community).
tuesday was similar to monday & i did a good bit of walking 'round campus. the union & davis & i are now good friends.
{p.s. i did get to go on one of k's campus tours too! sadly, i did not have the guts to ask her really embarrassing questions though}

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