Wednesday, November 4, 2009

learning new things every day

today i meditated {or at least i tried to}. ate a delicious breakfast. did math {o yeah}. took a shower {quite possibly more impressive than me doing math !}. tied my hair in two knots and put on a salwaar kameez {just b/c i wanted to!}. went to dr. gordon's for class {talked about slaughterhouse-five and anthem, two ridiculous postmodern works that have a lot in common}. rode my bike to ada. sat outside of ada for ten minutes b/c i am dumb and couldn't figure out how to open the doors {i read this in the grass}. tutored amari and angel {amari and i worked on connecting the bones of the body to make a skeleton. i ended up doing most unfortunately}. rode my bike to anne's yoga class. learned that i have been doing dog splits wrong for all these years! rode back home and peeled open a pomegranate. i still have a long list of things to do tonight. . . but everything is good again!

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