Monday, May 24, 2010

graduation day

this is all really hard to believe. i cannot believe that it is here at last. i am so done with high school!!!

it's ridiculous.

yesterday was perfect in every way. everyone seemed genuinely happy & excited about the future. i especially felt very loved. there were a countless number of people who were there that i did not expect to see.

i know full well, that jacob, matthew, andrew, dylan,& timothy are going to do wonderful things with their lives & i cannot wait to find out what they end up doing.

life's good.

p.s. i've been so ready to be done that i could not bring myself to writing my speech until a few minutes before. . . i ended up writing my speech in the bathroom right before the ceremony started! & you know what? . . . no matter how it went, i'm now officially done with high school forever.

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