Friday, May 7, 2010

last weeks of high school

then i'm done. done with it all.

man, it feels good to be so close!

i'm still working on figuring out these next few years, but i feel good about my final decision.

so. . . here is what i am thinking:

*FINISH HIGH SCHOOL ASAP {graduate on the 23rd!}

*go to asheville for my last weekend of training : (

*go to the beach with a & bridesmaids!!!

*be the second maid of honor at a & g's wedding

*spend the month of june working {+ go to the beach with k, s, & m} . . . etc.

* backpack through e.u.r.o.p.e with my lovely sister!!! {i'll figure out the whole $ thing later}

*begin my gap year, yes, a gap year. . . after several months of praying, thinking, researching, heartbreak, etc. i've made up my mind! i had been thinking about this since i started applying, but i didn't have a concrete idea of what i wanted to do/ how i wanted to spend my time. as crazy as it sounds, it all started after i had a dream. . . in my dream i opted to take a gap yuh {merci sarah! now this is all i can think about when i say gap year} in cambodia. where that came from, i have no clue, but it was a really fantastic dream and i woke up feeling perfectly at peace with that plan for my life. ever since then, a gap year has been in my mind. the whole deal with corcoran is now over with. . . and as much as i would still love to be there, i now more fully understand that it was not God's plan for me to go there next year after all. the more and more i think about what i want out of life, the more and more i realize that this next year is really what i need. i need to take time just to think and process before being thrown right back into the madness of school, exams, etc. . . . more about the gap yuh later.

*go to unc after year of work/travel/discovery

. . . . . . . . . . . .

k comes home tonight! a will be back after graduation on the 9th.

p.s. this is the most creative/unique, birthday present ever {& i love the photos that go along with it!}. this is the most beautiful picture of the week. & this is so true {i've long been a supporter of doing yoga in airports}

& thank you a cup of jo for sharing a link to this blog. i plan on writing thank you notes like this for the rest of my life now.

photo from last wednesday's adventure in the bamboo forest. more to come later just because they are beautiful.

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