Thursday, May 20, 2010


i don't know what happened. when i got back yesterday from the beach, i went to upload all the photos from the 3-day trip, & noticed that some photo files were missing. i mentioned it to dad & asked if he could search for me. after a while, we both came to the conclusion that my photos were gone for ever. that means, i no longer have any record of winter or spring last year, india, charleston, d.c., nyc/ boston, etc. thankfully i somehow still managed to keep files from the first of this year. . . it is so strange and upsetting. my photos, although not that good, are some of the things i value most. i love to find older pictures & find something new to love in them. what most upsets me is that i just recently went back and edited/cropped new india pictures, and b/c i did not publish them, there is no record of them at all.

i know that something good will eventually come out of all this, but it is still just really hard for me to come to terms with. . .

in other more positive news, i graduated from yoga teacher training {such a bittersweet experience} & the beach trip was magnifique!

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