Thursday, August 26, 2010

five reasons i'm already loving the big bad gap year:

1. books! abs made me an intense "gap year reading list that will change your life" and i spent almost an hour at the library borrowing and purchasing my own books. i finished all 600 pages of the girl with the dragon tattoo in less than a week. i read three hundred pages in just on sitting! never could i have done that during school. i wouldn't necessarily recommend the book, but if you want a really dark and uncomfortable thriller, stieg larsson is the man to go to.

2. an entirely new appreciation for food. after pondering ways we could keep in touch, kelsey, dana, and i decided one night in florence to start a food blog. it is my pleasure to introduce to you, a little taste of . . . {note: i still appear to be the only blogger at the moment, but k & d should hopefully join in the fun soon. our goal is to make this blog accessable to everyone and anyone who is interested in sharing a funny story, a good recipe, or just a beautiful picture of their time with food and/or friends. beacause the three of us live very far apart, soon to be ever farther {eek!}, kelsey in chapel hill, dana in oregon and vermont, and me in good 'ole davidson, we wanted to stay in touch though our common bond of - baking/ cooking/ eating. if you are interested in contributing, let me know and i'll send you the information!}

3. working on finishing paintings i started ages ago. i've missed my blue and green stained fingers and the smell of oil paints.

4. working an odd number of odd jobs. even though it might seem a bit boring, i have enjoyed my unusual working situation with a handful of *sitting jobs {*i'm watching people from the age of two all the way up to ninety-two! no joke, that's why i can't really say babysitting}, the beehive, mainstreet books, and other random jobs. one of my biggest goals is to finally find a place and time to start teaching my beloved yoga. there are so many opportunities, but to be honest, i still don't feel incredibly confidant with my ability as a teacher. i really look forward to getting out there and trying it out part time!

5. dreaming of all the possibilities. . . {another reason i love the gap year: dinner/movie dates with mom on weekdays. man, i know, i'm really going crazy now : ) no, but, for real, mom and i went to see this last night. the movie was good, not great. what i enjoyed most was seeing italy & india on a big screan like that! k, you need to see it solely b/c the first scene in rome is on top of castel sant angelo. i almost screamed out, i was just there a few weeks ago! too cool. . . now i just have to make it to bali some day {the rice paddies, oh, they kill me!} . . .

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