Friday, August 27, 2010

some thoughts

+ i still fear that i may have hoarding tendencies. . . maybe not as bad as this, but still. . . i save old clothes just because the fabric is cool {who knows maybe i'll pull out my sewing machine and make something extraordinary! : ) }

+ this wedding must have been lovely in person {more here also}. also, i wish i could have been a guest at this one {so fun and classy}

+ tennis. i don't know what to think of it. dad and i played for about an hour this afternoon {i got to wear my new $2 tennis skirt - thank you goodwill for all the love and fun times. . . sarah, i still want that pink jumpsuit}

+ venice when it rains & tuscany {can't wait to share my own memories of these places! . . . i want to post in a somewhat chronological order for my own sake though}

+ davidson worship started up last night! i've missed it so much. as soon as i walked in i noticed someone who looked almost identical to matthew p. i was so excited to see him there. . . until i remembered. . . oh wait. . . that's right. . . he's in minnesota now.

{pics from this desert wedding inspired by three favorite things in life - georgia, alfred, and poppies}

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  1. This is unrelated to your links, but do you know about this?

    If not, you should! You need to submit! Or at least draw up a recipe and pretend like you're going to submit. I felt like it was the perfect blend of your two talents, and your new food blog.


    Miss you.