Saturday, August 7, 2010

homeward bound

in london again! in order to fully appreciate the wonders of this city, it is necessary for one to go here twice in one trip. we're really enjoying our time here the second time around.
the more & more i travel, the more wanderlust fills my heart & head, but the thought of home right now sounds wonderful too. whenever we missed home we would sing this to each other & it's true, "home is wherever i am with you."
a little list of what i'm most looking forward to right now:
* a clean bed - a place where i don't have to worry about bed bugs or lice every night! {there have been loads of bed bug scares in each of these hostels, but thankfully other than a million mosquito bites, k & i think we're safe}
*good-smelling & clean clothes
*mommy's amazing cooking
*uploading all of these photos
*seeing my loved ones & sharing stories/listening to there stories
{the lovely photo is from our london trip no. 1. k deleted the one i had planned to use, so this will have to do for now. . .}

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