Friday, December 10, 2010

a week of my favorite places in my house

1. the kitchen table

{i love this old, battered table, and all the windows around it. the kitchen table has always been my favorite place to get work done [including planning an around the world trip!] p.s. that above is the route i'm taking}

2. my closet

{my closet is the place i - practice yoga, meditate in the mornings, and go to think. i have always had pictures on the walls, but the little paper cranes are a somewhat new addition}

3. the dining room

{i remember helping mom and the lady at the antique shop look for these teardrop crystals. i was very picky, only teardrop ones allowed. i love it because we had a part in its design, plus it captures light so beautifully.}

4. the music-slash-art room

{it is the place for just the baby grand and my art}

5. the kitch

{how could it not be on my list of favorite places? i especially love the kitchen when it is all clean at night}

6. the powder room

{i love the yellow stripes and the baby picture as well as the darling chandelier [not pictured]. also, this bathroom has an outstanding collection of national geographics, so. . . }

7. the upstairs hall

{my mom is a creative genius and i love the how we included the diamond window panes [from the original house] inside as a break from the hall and dad's office. the hundred-year-old wavy glass is magical in the morning}

+ + + + + + + + +

what are your seven favorite places in your house/apartment/yes, even dorm room?

make a list or, even better, take pictures of those places, and share them. i'm just curious to see what places you go to for comfort/ what areas you see beauty in?

this challenge is especially meaningful to me knowing i have so very little time left here.

+ + + + + + + + +

i hope you have a grand weekend {i get to hang with ally & kate for three days}.

p.s. this will probably my last "week of" series, but i hope you enjoyed 'em! i have been feeling overwhelmed lately by all that i still have to do, so, it is time for me to focus on other things for a while. . . or. . . at least until i leave!

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  1. Grace, I love your "week of..." posts! They're so creative and this week was especially sweet. Your house is one of the coolest I've ever been in.