Sunday, April 17, 2011

about to . . .

go on a long, beautiful, and crazy trek in the himalayas y'all!

brad got in two days ago, we decided on our trek, and just got in to pokhara an hour ago. it is all moving very fast now. . . the trip from ktm to pkh was long, hot, and exactly what you expect from a long bus ride in nepal. {there is only one road out of ktm and it takes you to both chitwan and pokhara so i had already driven most of the trip just two days before}.

we packed last night - i left most everything back in ktm and i am afraid i am going to put the trekking community to shame. . . i don't have official trekking shoes/boots just my lovely salomons, i have a lowepro camera back instead of a real hiking pack, and i have glittens instead of real gloves.

after seeing friend's recent pictures and hearing stories, we hope we have warm enough gear. there is still snow on the mountains and ground and nights get uncomfortably chilly. we packed light but we at least packed our warmest layers.

we are also going sans guide or porter. . . so. . . two to three weeks with just our maps and gear is going to be incredible, challenging, and hopefully rewarding. i know if i survive {laughter. . .yes, friends and family, we're going to be fine} i'm coming back in the best shape of my life!

i cannot wait to see these mountains up close and to spend this amount of uninterrupted time in the nature!

annapurna circuit here we come! {please do check it out if you aren't familiar with treks in nepal}

it's going to be one incredible journey and i think i'm ready. . .

all my love from nepal!

{also you most likely won't see a post from me until may}



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