Saturday, April 30, 2011

books read a long the way. . .

we had lots of down time on the trail/ at the guest houses and during the time we were away, i managed to read through all three of these - tilled earth, travels with charley, and a time to kill {*not a normal john grishom reader, but when it's all you have with you. . . you'll read it}

i must admit, i haven't read as much on this trip as i thought i would, so i thoroughly enjoyed the quiet times we had just sitting, reading a book and drinking a tea after a long day's hike.

i'm thinking shantaram next. . .

any other good book recommendations dear friends?

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  1. Shantaram is an awesome book. Cool blog/s, I liked your sketch journal, good idea. I'm going on the Annapurna circuit as well in a couple months, looking forward to it.