Tuesday, April 12, 2011

elephants, bikes, and kids

i almost got to ride an elephant today. . .

the weather here is monsoon-like at the moment and the idea of sitting on an elephant for a few hours in the jungle in this weather = not the most ideal jungle safari.

the problem is that i'm leaving lovely chitwan tomorrow for kathmandu {local bus at 5:30 or tourist bus at 9:30? which one should i go for?} and i really want to ride an elephant. . .

i guess i'll just have to come back : )

these past few days have been crazy and full of incredible experiences. i wake up by 6:00 each morning, have my tea, then for the past few days the three other volunteers and i have been digging these massive holes for the bio-gas projects in the neighboring village {i'll have to share photos soon}, then in the afternoon i've been going to sauraha to teach english, then we go back in the hole to dig more in the late afternoon. by the time we get back at night, usually around 7:00, we're all beat and we can barely move. most nights i lead the group in a little restorative yoga and then we have our daal bhat and go to bed by 9:00 or 10:00! . . . and do it all again the next morning. . .

last night we all gave each other neck massages and watched this movie.

got to go now. . . others are waiting for the internet cable. i just wanted to give y'all a little update.

{photo of mel and trevor and all the crazy elephants}

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