Sunday, June 12, 2011

little letters

dear blog,

sorry i have been a lame blogger. internet is slow and without recent photos to post i just haven't felt much like blogging.

dear ipod,

please have enough battery to get me through the next few train/bus rides. please.

dear indian summers,

you're hot.

dear random facebook messages from people i have only met once,

i've received lots of you this past week and they've all been great, very affirming. keep 'em coming.

dear bapatla,

you are awesome. i love you. thanks for the good times.

dear women of the kitchen here in bapatla,

thanks for letting me help out. i've missed cooking dearly and i've loved learning new things from you. also, where can i get my hands on one of those fancy/ not so fancy knives/ blades? i want one to come home with me.

dear family bank,

thank you for the loan. without you, i would be sleeping in the streets in india. one of these days i will have a job again and pay you back!

dear johnson,

thanks for the driving lessons. i can now officially mark off - "learn to drive a motorcycle" on my life list. one of these days i'll see all of india by bike. i just know it.

dear ice cream, polaroid cameras, and red ray ban wayfarers,

i would like all of you to be a part of my life when i get home.

dear future dorm room,

i cannot stop thinking of all the ways i want to decorate you. i just hope i will follow through with some of these ideas. it will be rad.

dear clothes being made at the tailors,

please fit. remember, my arms are not indian sized.

dear camera {s},

you're dirty and need a good clean after all this traveln'.

dear rihanna,

one of these days we're going to be so close you're going to call me up on the phone whenever you've got man problems. i just know it.

dear family and friends and america,

i miss you more than i can say. three weeks. then this is all over.

{photo from india two years ago}

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  1. i can't believe you have three weeks left!!! you have been gone way too long. just showed georgia the pic of you on an elephant-she was jealous! love you and can't wait to see your sweet face. enjoy the rest of your time. love you!