Thursday, June 9, 2011

where i am now

after two years, i've made it back to bapatla!

i went through hell to get here, {the train from varanasi to vijayawada took 31 hours. yes, 31 and unless you have traveled long distances on indian trains before, you have no idea how challenging they can be!} but as soon as i saw johnson at the train station, i was the happiest person on earth.

not long after i got in, got showered, i was whisked off to not one, but two weddings in the local villages last night. let's just say i was reminded once again why i love india so much!

i did not realize how much i missed this place until i got here.

most of the childrens are still on summer vacation, but most should be here by the time i have to leave.

more to come. . .

but for now, enjoy the photo from the water fight two years ago. . .

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  1. ... sorry. i should have told you that the train ride is a beast. we did the same thing in reverse three years ago, and it was awful. and we didn't bother to take any food, because we figured there would be samosa wallas at some point on the ride (there weren't) and for some reason believed the train would run according to schedule (it didn't.) SO glad you made it back. sad that we're not with you.