Thursday, June 30, 2011

tell the world. . .

3 continents, 6 countries, and over 6 months later. . .

{even before i left this was my designated coming home song, but now it's real. singing this walking off the plane for sure}

friends, tonight i board a plane to qatar. after a few hours in the doha airport, i'm off to nyc and from nyc - HOME.

i am filled with such a mix of emotions right now i am going to be a mess when i walk off that plane in charlotte in two days. it is all very bittersweet.

as much as i have loved, enjoyed, cherished these past few months abroad - all the funny stories, making new friends, exploring old and new cities, getting lost, trying out new foods {and learning to make them!}, taking photos, writing in my journals, reading for hours {entirely uninterrupted}, seeing some of the world's largest cities for the first time, a life of true adventure, painting and drawing, the daily excitement, the constant change, and feeling the true sense of victory when i overcame something really difficult or challenging - {just to name a few!} - i am really looking forward to HOME.

just some of the things i am looking forward to:

- that first hug from my family & friends . . . seeing them all for the first time in HALF A YEAR!
- painting on real canvases
- going to church
- sleeping in my first clean and comfortable bed in HALF A YEAR {no more rats, poisonous snakes, roaches, spiders, bed bugs, lice, urine stains, wood mattresses [yes] to worry about!}
- cooking in mom's kitchen {and eating her amazing homegrown foods!}
- kale
- editing and posting photos {on my new lappy!!! no more internet cafes y'all}
- being able to walk down the street without being stared at, shouted at, and asked if they could take their photo with me {realized on this trip i am so not cut out to be a celebrity}. i cannot wait to get back and simply blend-in
- unpacking and staying unpacked
- reading books from a library
- playing sports with family and friends
- sharing stories and hearing stories
- driving things
- working {knowing i am actually earning rather than only spending!}. . . paying off my little debt that i owe to my parents!
-planning for the next four years at uni
- getting back to a classroom and real schoolwork
- running
- yoga classes and teaching!
- learning new things back home too {this is the year i learn to sew and knit mind you}
- playing with new babies and puppies
- davidson
- nc weather {and a/c and pools and being able to wear shorts in hot weather!}
-clean water
- writing letters

i still have A LOT to still write and share about this little journey of mine, so stay tuned! . . .but for now, i'm just focused on getting HOME.

this was the best decision i have ever made in my life and i am forever thankful for all that i have had the chance to see and do. i feel so loved and so blessed. thanks for all your support too lovies!

signing off for the last time from kathmandu,



p.s. tonight there will be tears.

{photo from flickr}


  1. Grace, your blog is awesome! I can't believe I am just now seeing it! Your trip/life sound wonderful. I'll be praying for your "re-entry" to everything :)