Monday, September 14, 2009

yo-po twice in one day

so on friday morning, i hopped out of bed at 6:00, took a test, threw some t-shirts and my fedora in a bag, grabbed a gps, & drove nearly 3 hrs. to nc state. i met up with win who was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule to show me his favorite places on campus.
after my time at state, i went to see a. we ate a yummy lunch of spaghetti & squash, then went shopping at target. after we went shopping (we didn't even dare look at clothes), we walked around franklin st, & got some yo-po (still don't understand why it isn't yo-pu).
around 6:00, the two of us met up with lauren at the Mediterranean deli & then back to yo-po for dessert!
after all that, s (with her new studded nose & all!) joined k, a, & i at joyner. poor k, mono is no fun. . .
later that night we were joined by a some more friends and watched the first half of silence of the lambs (we just couldn't finish it! tommy nearly had a heart attack) & then lady in water (or as s likes to say, "lady in the water, lady out of the water. . .the end").
chapel hill is sorta like my home away from home.

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