Thursday, June 17, 2010

days like these

+ my jam of the day {no surprise n'est-ce pas?}

+my second jam of the day {still don't know why they would want to leave cape cod . . . i hear it's amazing}

+ my third jam of the day {once again, no surprise here}

+ i had a several really fantastic moments babysitting the reddicks today. i'm not going to lie, most days the thought of one day being a mother really freaks me out, but today i had a great vision of my future {this is far far away i assure you!}. . . as i had ruthie on my hip snuggling under my chin, i was also watering the garden, & talking about basil with annabel, and then. . . i realized that is all i really want out of being a mom one day. i'll wear bohemian tops, have my hair in braids, and work in the garden with little darlings all day long. it was all too perfect. later, we all worked together to make "fluffy, puffy, chocolatey" cookies as annabel liked to call them.

+ this summer has been a jumble of babysitting, working at the beehive, more babysitting, planning for the future, staying up wayy too late {example: snuggling with kelsey & maria last night at m's place until long after midnight}, riding on the bus to charlotte, rushed meals, & distractions, but everything is pleasant, & i am so thankful for the summer & all this glorious warm weather.

+ i'm working on my proposal for unc still. . . i don't know how long a letter they want. . . mine is already three pages. . . i'm going into great detail about all that i want to do next year, & that's a lot folks!

+ i wonder where this is

+ note to self: read this before you go

+ why not take a train in n. america?

+ breakdancing & yoga {i knew it!} also, rollerblades & yoga {?} k & i laughed about bringing some rollerblades with us to paris. . . now wouldn't that be amazing?

+this popped up as my "places to see" picture on my igoogle homepage today

+ i'm entirely fascinated with this country & this sweet article on happiness

+ one last thing to make you smile {if you haven't noticed, i kinda love the intelligent travel blog by nat. geo}

photo from the beach trip to topsail


  1. two things: your photo link under "i wonder where this is" is, i would bet at least 100$, on the front range of colorado. if it's not there, there's a place JUST like it along highway 36 from denver to boulder.
    and second: i have a friend in paris who, i'm sure, would LOVE to meet you and kelsey. let me know (email) if you want me to ask about her free time this summer (and let me know when you'll be there) and i'll get you two in touch. :)

  2. p.s. here's a view closest to the flickr photo that i could find: