Tuesday, June 15, 2010

june, are you really halfway gone already?

*this song = nothing but love. it has been stuck in my head all week.

*cherries are the greatest things i have ever put in my mouth

*my empty calendar for the months of august, september, october, november, & december is both frightening & exciting {lynn & aunt b were laughing @ my ridiculously busy calendar for the rest of june. i have back to back appointments, jobs, etc. until k & i leave. . . it's all for a good reason though!}

*dad loves dublin more than his own children

* my allergies decided to strike a few months late this year. the night before last, i got only about an hour of sleep thanks to my swollen throat & runny nose. thankfully, i got a good nights sleep & i am starting to feel better.

*i finally finished this amazing book on the bus ride home from work today.

*sarah is in africa by now. . .

{photo from ck/ck in rome}

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