Saturday, June 26, 2010

a saturday

i don't think that three photos were necessary, but lunch was divine today.

rather than wake up early & rush to yoga, i decided to sleep in an hour later & have a lazy morning around the house. i had my qt in bed & enjoyed fully resting & relaxing. after my yummy breakfast {homemade granola, fresh raspberries, & plain yogurt} mom & i walked to the farmer's market. it was as hot as india in july, but we had so much fun picking through a wide selection of beans, potatoes, cantaloupe, kale, etc. after the time there, we went to take care of the appleby's kittehs & their flowers.

lunch back home followed. as you can see from the photos, we were in love with it. cantaloupe, berries, salami, cheese, & ms. beth's favorite salad {what more could we have asked for!}.

mom & i are just really in love with life right now in general. i could not ask for more. we both agreed that we should never get too busy to forget the little things in life & wherever we must always "be all there."

i'm so happy to have had this saturday at home before leaving NEXT WEEK!

on the agenda for the rest of the day-

*pool time
*letter writing

all is good.

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