Saturday, February 12, 2011

i'm about to . . .

. . . make a really crazy decision. . .

i don't really have the time or energy to explain it all right now, but i would really appreciate your thoughts and prayers today and tomorrow!

i'm just too happy here in nelson and there lies the problem. i'd be more than happy to stay in nz forever. no matter what city or town i end up in, i always want to stay there for a year or two. . .

people come to nz and they stay.

i'll fill you in once the decision is made official.

i'm at mcdonalds now b/c the internet is so slow with a dozen people on at one time back home, so . . . i have to walk 30 min. through town for free internet on a sunday, but it's all good. i'm so happy to finally have the chance to check in on people, get caught up on the rest of the world.

more to come. sorry nothing exciting to report here. just know i'm perfectly content and incredibly inspired every moment.

[mcflurries are wayy different here btw.]

{photos from yesterday's walk around town}

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  1. Praying for you, Grace. It was so good to see your face the other day and hear your sweet voice!