Wednesday, February 23, 2011


dear all,
i´m safe here in queenstown. tuesday´s earthquake in christchurch has left us all in shock. i just cannot believe i was there only five days ago. the hostel i stayed at in cathedral square is no longer standing.

i went back and looked at all the photos i have from the spire. . . it is hard to believe what it looks like now.

i have recieved so many sweet emails and messages from friends and family and i feel very loved.

that said, please continue to pray for the people of christchurch.

i am still waiting to hear back from friends. today i got several worried facebook messages from the relatives of friends i have met here . . . some friends still haven´t had contact. . . i still haven´t heard from candice and tom (pictured in some of these photos.

when i have the time, i hope to write again soon.

i´m off to nepal on saturday and i have mixed emotions about all of this. . .

i have four days to travel and i should get there on the 1st of march!

take care. i love you all and i only wish keeping in touch was easier.

all the love,

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