Wednesday, February 9, 2011

in nelson

if asheville and denver had a kiwi baby, it would be neslon.

nelson, nz is a fabulous hippy town that i could live in for the rest of my life { i think } . . .

i made it here yesterday after a two hour bus ride from blenheim. it was hard leaving blenheim, my home for the past two weeks, but nelson looks like it is going to be grand. i wasn't ready to say goodbye to all of my new friends, my new family {see first photo}, but knowing i had so little time in nz as a whole, blenheim really isn't the place to spent all of your time.

the bus ride was lovely, but i had a hard time keeping my eyes open {kinda like that beautiful, sleepy train trip k and i took through the s. of france last summer!}. once i arrived in the city center, i realized, i had no clue how to get to the farm. after walking around hopelessly with only a street address, i was about to give up . . . it was hot, i was tired, and my bags were much heavier than i remembered!

i had little hope until i saw those famous golden arches and a sign advertising free wi-fi. so after nearly a year or two without setting foot in mcdonald's i found myself with an m&m mcflurry and a google map of nelson. thanks to mcdonalds and deep ujjayi pranayama, i made the long trek uphill and through town to seven oaks! kelsey, it reminded me so much of our experience in calais, i had to laugh. this time around though it was a little more difficult being alone and having more bags! it was equally hot and hopeless at times though!

now that i am here, i have been able to catch up on some sleep, get back to working, and skype with family and friends!

the house, more like mansion {pics to come!} was built in 1878, so you can only imagine how lovely it is! the ceilings are impressively high, the dark woodwork is irreplaceable, and there is even an antique fireplace in my room!

the work here is easy and fun - primarily weeding, raking, etc. today = planting petunias and impatients and more weeding!

got to get to work now -

{all photos from blenheim. . . even if it might not have been the most exciting of nz's spectacular towns, i will always have fond memories in blenheim.}

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