Thursday, July 21, 2011

a few of my favorite things

home again after a hectic couple of days in atlanta and chapel hill!

just thought i'd share a few photos of my recent favorite things this week. even though all i have been doing is traveling these past few months, i still love this lifestyle. living out of a bag is fun, going from place to place is still fun.

+ + + + + +

favorite things:

+ old{er} silver watch rediscovered!

+ swanky new 13" macbook pro {with both mac and windows 7 capabilities! how this is even possible, i havent the slightest idea}

+ homemade channa masala, chipatti, and raita {recipe or non- recipe to come! . . . i made this without any recipe or measuring cup and it tasted mighty good. i already miss indian food and this is the second missing india meal i have made since i have been back}

+ + + + + +

more favorite things {not pictured}:

+ eating animals by jonathan safran foer {my summer reading for carolina. so glad we freshers got a good one}

+ djuna bel's closet visit

+ fire fall down song by hillsong {i drove to chapel hill at 4:30 monday morning and found a radio station that played this song. it was the perfect way to start a morning with the sun. also it meant a lot because it was a song that i brought with me on my travels abroad and used to love singing at davidson worship}

+ seeing friends from the past and hearing their stories

+ talking and texting friends and family {still weird being able to talk on the phone to loved ones after living without a phone for so long!}

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