Sunday, July 10, 2011

same, same but different

in nepal they have this saying - same, same but different. . .

it might not make sense outside of wonderfully bizarre nepal, but i love it. it explains absolutely nothing about nepal. . . but at the same time it explains a lot. essentially, that's nepal for you.

when i think about it, that's how i feel about home right now. . . it's the same as always but still there is something different. . . maybe it's just me that is a bit different now. don't get me wrong, it feels great to be back but big transitions are always a bit rough.

currently working through more photos - decided to start with the ones i took with my baby cam.

other thoughts:

+ getting a much needed haircut on tuesday. . . thinking bangs again. . . yes or no?
+ my time with abby & guion went by too fast this weekend
+ saw that asheville {and the asheville yoga center} were mentioned as yoga destinations in a recent yoga journal . wish i had the time and money to go to a-ville this summer to see s and take some yoga classes. . .
+ new bios of female abstract artists lee krasner & joan mitchell {i've liked mitchell's work for a bit but krasner's work is sorta new to me. i like it very much and look forward to reading these bios. p.s. krasner was married to pollack!}
+ when the world spoke french {want to read this}
+ 17 year old art curator {when i read this. . . i think what went wrong? why wasn't i doing that at 17? i have regrets about not being more involved in the arts in high school}
+ in case you haven't noticed. . . i spend most sundays reading the times. i think it's so classy and i've missed it much over the past few months.
+ song of the day - heads will roll

{photo over kathmandu in monsoon season from my flight from delhi back to the city}

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