Friday, July 29, 2011


i like packing.

. . . even if that is all i have been doing - packing and unpacking - these past few months. . .

in a bit mom and i are off to go see sisters in charlottesville! this will be the first time in months since all four of us have been together. we couldn't be more excited. abby is kicking her husband out of the house and we plan to do all the things we do best - talk, laugh, and eat.

have a beautiful, sunny weekend world. . .


* i doubt i could be any more obsessed with this song

* my family and our epic email chains. thx a for posting this. it will forever make me laugh.

* beautiful, creative, hipsters who entertain

{picture 1.) new fave nail polish color, 2.) packing another bag, & 3.) what i am bringing on the journey}

1 comment:

  1. no way hosea! that is MY new favorite nail polish. best thing ever to cover up dirty garden nails.

    miss you.