Sunday, July 24, 2011

new zealand landscapes

more of beautiful, inspiring, lake tekapo and the church of the good shepherd here!

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+ any ideas of where i could find a lovely colorful quilt for cheap? i am smitten with this one, but not the price tag. been dorm shopping. still just need to find some bedding. . . pyrex, brita water filter, knives, and cutlery now in my hands though!

+ my friend ric's absolutely stellar photography portfolio. he's brilliant. just look at this one from varanasi

+ happy sunday. hope wherever you are, you are reading the times!


  1. I know it sounds crazy, but try Pottery Barn Kids for quilts. I got the prettiest pattern there four years ago, and it's held up great. (And because they're meant for kids, they're all washable...)

  2. thanks eliza for the tip! will look there. and i love that they are washable.