Thursday, October 8, 2009

my life

even though i often complain about being stressed, i hate not doing a lot! today, it is my goal to "enjoy the process" as mom likes to say.
today, even though i have essays to write for unc, state, and charleston, books to read and finish, french homework, and math, i am thankful i have so much to do each day. . . or at least today!
this change of attitude came about because of:
- nia (after yoga yesterday, molly made me join her in a nia class! it was crazy and i am certainly no dancer. . . but i will admit it was fun.)
- waking maria up this morning. i've missed her so much and i really don't see how it is possible to look that beautiful at all hours of the day.
- getting to leave design class early!
despite all the unpleasantness , i will try my best to enjoy october!
{photo from boston}

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