Tuesday, October 6, 2009

On Saturday,

I met up with the beautiful and outrageously creative and talented Anna S. We talked, ate pancakes at the Pancake House (we shared chocolate chip and pumpkin ones!), then went for a walk around Freedom Park. Although it was nothing like my beloved Central Park, it was beautiful and we walked the loop several times. Charlotte really needs help with the whole park business though. Even though I was only in Denver for a couple of days, I really miss the accessibility of a gorgeous plot of green grass.
We talked a lot about COLLEGE, our travels (She was in beautiful Africa most of the summer!), and our big plans for the next few years.
In the end we came to the same conclusion that we will have great lives no matter what happens these next few nerve-wrecking months!
In other news K and I have officially decided that in two years, we are applying for the Amazing Race! After talking on the phone together this afternoon, we've got the whole thing figured out. Typical K, she has already researched and started the application! Knowing that we are applying for the AR has certainly given us both motivation to move.
GOYA = the best way to put it.

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