Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Today was beautiful.
I wrote an essay instead of going to the gym at 6:00 this morning.
I went to class.
I ate lunch.
I walked around Andrew's nature trail and wanted to go camping even more than ever before!
I did not go to Design class { Fall Break = good}
I bought yoga pants.
I made the mistake of going into Anthro.
I bought a dress I have been dreaming about for months and a birthday gift for Kels.
I sent SAT scores to colleges.
I took a personality test to try and figure out who I am and what I would be good at doing.
I figured out I am suited for a profession in journalism, the arts, or health {cool how it works, huh?}
I ate pesto pasta, squash, and green beans on the porch with my dear and very tired mother.
I read some of my homework for yoga.
And. . . now I need to go put my feet up the wall and read some Human Anatomy and Art History. . .
{view from the car window this morning}

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