Wednesday, April 7, 2010

celebrate the everyday

so, d.c. was wonderful. dad & i were truly crazy spending nearly 13 hours in the car only to have about 2 and half hours in the city, but it was all worth it {plus i got some reading out of the way & watched quality shows like community & 30rock. also, we watched two other netflix movies. that do not need to be mentioned. . . who loves having an internet connection the whole drive? i sure do!}

corcoran was {unfortunately} just what i want. . . i learned while i was there that i got in {starting to seriously doubt my ability as an artist the more and more time i spent looking at their student's work online} & i got a scholarship {!}, but the unfortunate part is that i still cannot afford it. if i end up going there, it would be a completely different experience than most other college students have, but i'm beginning to think that would be just fine. . .

i have officially narrowed down the list to two schools. ready for this?

i have to make my decision between:

1. unc


2. corcoran college of art + design

{basically two schools that couldn't be any more different, but both have the major i want}

now i just have to figure out the whole $ situation with both. . . and i need to start planning. . .

but, hey, look at me, i'm finally getting closer to making some sort of decision.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

if i end i up in dc, i will:

*have no $

*buy a bike

*make beautiful art

*eat at some of the best international restaurants in the country

*intern at some pretty incredible places

*live at museums

{just a few shots from our day trip. . . a few more to come}

whatever ends up happening, i know that it will be the right one. . . right?

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