Monday, April 19, 2010

thinking about:

* a new lappy {still have not made up my mind about this, but i will most definately need something with great photo-editing abilities}

*camera lenses {all so deliciously expensive. ha!}

*a domke bag

*shiny aviators

*white bathing suit for the beach

*a thick fedora {mine has a weird crease in it}

*this book

*great prana pants

*europe!!! {i've gotta make this happen. . . last night i couldn't fall asleep because i made the mistake of picking up the world atlas i keep by my bed. . . i got too excited about future travels that i couldn't fall asleep}

*bikes & rollerblades {i really don't want a car in life. . . i want to walk, bike, blade everywhere for the rest of my days. i had this funny little vision of my future in d.c. (back when i was thinking i was going to end up there). . . i would rollerblade to class every morning in my paint-splatter cut-offs and sweater with my ipod and big red sunglasses. . . sounded pretty perfect, and still does. kelsey is my true inspiration for this! she's so hott and she's made unc learn to embrace it!}

*gap year opportunities {(?) still just trying to figure all this out}

*flights to belguim, bhutan, etc. . . you know, the usual. {i spend any free time researching cheap student flights}

*this 91 year-old yoga teacher

*how many papers/projects are due this week. . . ugh! i'm currently writing two at the same time

*how to handle certain difficult situations

*the summer {planning to: work as many jobs as possible, go to charleston with the girls, go to a concert (phoenix is coming y'all!), paint (missing all of it. . . the smell of the oil, dragging out the big blue blanket & my wobbly easel, & the labor intensive/exhausting, but still terribly rewarding work. . .), read through the stack of books i have had behind my bed since last summer, do some yoga and teach some too, be there for people, & have a little adventure in belguim, france, & england with k (peut- ĂȘtre?) it is all exciting & wonderful & distracting!}

*senioritis {is it something that you can think about or is it just natural?}

*how dreamy montana is

*future painting projects

*how i entirely failed at this april challenge

*how cool it would be to be a student {zoe is at columbia} & publish your own book of photography. . .}

*how/when i want to change up this little blog's layout

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