Sunday, April 4, 2010

remember when. . .?

oh yeah, that's what i'm talking about! i love finding these glorious gems from the past.

happy easter! this holiday brings back so many bizarre memories. today, i miss spencer our dear little bunny, egg dyeing/egg hunting, & large family gatherings.

that said, today was perf. even though i miss all of those things, i could not be more happy with today's celebration. we all got to sleep in {tired from new moon the night before. yup. we caved & borrowed the fleming's dvd & watched it as a family. abby & i have decided to make our own more interesting/ possibly more scandalous version someday. vamp-wolves. nothing quite like 'em}, then go to the late service at church {b/c of easter, i did not have to go in to work}, did hot yoga on the balcony with abby, kelsey, & mom, ate a late dunch {dinner/lunch. . .that rocked my world. abs & i are back to eating meat (& sweets)}, took a nappy on the couch, said our sappy goodbyes, & then mom & i took dubs for a walk around town. we both agree {i am sure dublin does too} that there is nothing in the world that competes with spring!
p.s. darling mom still filled our easter baskets this year & we still use the same ones from the photo above! my basket was filled with a heavy chocolate bunny, a fancy headband, peeps, jellybeans {gross, but still tradition}, & other items that shall not be named. . . thanks parents for keeping these grand traditions alive for so many years. also, mom, see. . . kelsey has always had the yellow basket.

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