Thursday, April 1, 2010


happy april fool's day/first day of april/first day of no pants/etc!
to celebrate, check out christine forever young's sketchbook on flickr. i love how her work is consistent and how each of the characters have such a unique personality. i always enjoy looking over other people's sketchbooks. i'm still trying to keep up with my sketchbook & other work, but i've had a hard time finding the time. i have all of this creative energy that needs to be released some way or another or i will explode. i miss painting like mad.
*at work {mainstreet} right now
*a girl with a japanese umbrella just walked past. . . awesome.
*i feel in love with the most darling little cavalier king charles pup ever . . . i honestly cannot say that i have ever seen anything more wonderful {& i'm not even that much of a dog person!}
* we talked about babies in anatomy class today.
*poem a day matthew? really? i'm not so sure about this. . .
*going to this talk @ 7:00
*kelsey comes home around midnight
*the weather right now is nothing but love!
until next time-

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