Wednesday, October 13, 2010

life in a paris hotel

view outside the window in the hall

our room's view & the cactus my friend the bartender gave me. {long story short - because the bar/restaurant was the only place with internet access, k would chat with alex there while i would sketch/draw/paint/doodle/journal. after noticing my drawings, the bartender posed and wanted me to draw a portrait. to make him happy, i whipped out a quick sketch and he thought it was hilarious. from that point on, we became good friends. he promised he would help me with my french if i would help him with his english. he had this little cactus on his desk and he gave it to me as a gift! he later explained that the cactus flower not the spikes represented me. . . i kept the cactus throughout my time in paris [even when we had to change hotels across town, i carried it in my hand] but ended up leaving it for the cleaning ladies with a note attached on our last day in paris. we rode the metro to the other hotel when we switched and this little boy [no older than 3] looked over at me with all of my bags and my cactus and yelled out "papa, elle a un cactus!" thinking back now, i wish i would have given it to him. he would have loved it.}

our darling little room with our fabulous clothesline. isn't that window great? the bidet in this room will always make us laugh and because there was only one tiny bed, nights here were sweltering. one night, k woke up to me on the floor with nothing on, sleeping on a towel, because the bed was like a heating pad!

moi in a mirror in the bar and some more flowers in a window box.

k and maya were friends, except k kept calling her by the wrong name. . .

maya sleeping and rain outside the hotel bar. . .

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

as i mentioned in the last post, our time at l'hôtel les chansonniers was grand. we made friends with the bartender, with some locals, and with the cat maya.

we watched the world cup finals here and made some friends and enemies. . . k and i were cheering for the netherlands just because we felt like it, and everyone else was pulling for spain.


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