Wednesday, October 27, 2010

little letters

dear summit,
you're no fun when all the people leave. i feel lonely.

dear people who have looked through europe albums on fb,
sorry. i have never been very good at selecting only the best ones, so, i post all of them. many more to come. just wait 'til you see venice, they will melt your heart!

dear new, purple, eKo Lite mat from manduka,
i know you're all natural and stuff, but why do you have to smell so bad? i'm glad your stink goes away with time though. . .

dear bus driver on the 4:00 route,
you really made me think when you asked me if my weekend was restful last week. it wasn't, but thanks for asking.

dear sickness,
thank you for coming and going quickly.

dear sink,
sorry for barfing. thanks for being there.

dear attractive strange in the baseball cap,
when you told me i looked comfortable was that a compliment? i was wearing a dress, but i guess in the midst of the working cord of charlotte, i looked kinda comfortable. also, when you said "i'll see you around" did you really think so?

dear face,
quit freaking out.

dear parents,
thanks for all the laughs and overall coolness. . . oh, and for your inquisitive minds too.

dear trees,
thanks for finally starting to work your magic. it is fall now boys, impress me!

dear glitter,
what they say about you is true - you really are the herpes of craft supplies.

dear kid wearing the ten gallon c'boy hat while riding a bike,
can we be friends?

dear yoga students present and future,
thanks for letting me share the love with y'all.

dear sufjan,
you are the original hipster.

dear james shaul,
i’m glad we have so much in common. thanks for the invite to join your wildlife club, but don't you think it would be a little strange for me to go tromping through the woods with you, wiley, and the homeschooler?

dear asheville,
i wish that i still had an excuse to see you every month. i miss you, green life lunches, and the ayc crowd more than i thought was possible.

dear productive days,
you are the best. i hope you are a part of my life more often.

{shoes in paris}

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