Friday, October 1, 2010

women of the world

in the mood to read a life changing book?

half the sky is by far one of the best reads of the year for me. kristof and his wife, sheryl wudunn, write a book about about about gender inequality and suffering, but still manage to inspire and encourage their readers. it was one of those books i kept picking up at the bookstore, and i am so glad that i finally sat down to read it. even though i cried every other chapter out of anger and/or frustration, by the end, i was encouraged because the writers confirm their is something everyone can do to make a difference. kristof and wudunn were thorough in their research/interviews and were brutally honest, all qualities that make for an interesting read. if you can, please read this book. it exposes some of the most pressing and often most ignored issues facing women around the globe {particularly in south asia and africa}.

on a similar note, mom and i went to watch a showing of "a walk to beautiful". it is an emmy-award winning documentary about ethiopian women/ girls dealing with obstetric fistulas. the director, mary olive smith, went to davidson for her undergrad and then columbia {she has worked for nat. geo, discovery channel, and independently}. the movie was beautiful. interesting enough, she began researching the issue after reading nicholas kristof and his wife's work and meeting with them. documentary film and photojournalism are certainly becoming my number one most perfect possible major. . . and after talking with smith after the film {she was so incredibly friendly and helpful, btw. she even offered to help connect me with a photographer friend of hers in nepal!} i was once again reassured that unc will be a good place for me. she studied intl relations/ public policy, but became a filmmaker. she encouraged me that the most important thing to do is learn to write. carolina will be the place to do that.

one last note, after all of this information was constantly swirling through my head, i thought this article was somewhat surprising, listen to this:

"it's well established that three women now receive bachelor's and master's degrees for every two men, but in 2009, for the first time, they earned more doctorates as well. meanwhile, three-quarters of the jobs lost in the current recession were held by men (who were more likely to be in hard-hit industries like construction.) women have not only become (again for the first time) the majority of the work force, but they also hold the lioness's share of managerial jobs and are the primary breadwinners in more than a quarter of dual-income families. according to a recent, ominously titled atlantic article, 'the end of men,' 75 percent of couples using an experimental sex-selection technology before conception preferred to have girls." - peggy orenstein

there never seems to be any balance in the world.

have a great weekend - do some research, read a powerful book, take a yoga class, and pray.

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